Your gifts. Your choice. Our future.

Clement Goh, from Buddy Adventures, will be joining Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo to share their experiences working with children and families and will provide specific tips on how to rewire children’s perspectives through play to empower them and to build confidence. The benefits of rewiring their mindsets, reframing situations, and using cutting edge psychology and language will be discussed so that parents, caregivers and educators can facilitate an empowered child that will be more likely to:



• Create stronger bonds with family and friends
• Think outside of the box to problem solve better
• Be more successful in school and in life
• Calm and regulate themselves and their emotions
• Feel and be more of themselves

And even more is possible and will be discussed on the call!

In this show, Clement Goh, a Nurturing Play Expert, and Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo, a Family and Child Coach, will ensure that as a parent and educator, by the time you’re done watching this episode, you will be clearer on what next steps you can take to support your child/student and strengthen your connection with them.

Did you ever have the Birds and the Bees talk?

How did it go?

How comfortable are you talking about bodies, energy, connection?


Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to have very candid, vulnerable, and insightful conversations about gender, sexuality, bodies, energy, intimacy, relationships and communication with parents and professionals.

Perhaps you’ve wondered:

• How can I talk about my child’s sexuality or sexual orientation without making them uncomfortable?
• What do I say or do when I catch a child doing something that isn’t age-appropriate and could have potentially problematic implications?
• I know my child is watching pornography. What do I do?
• How can I make sure my child is safe when interacting with other adults when I’m not around?
• How can I support my child’s self-expression while protecting them from people who may not be accepting of their exploration?

These are a few examples of the diversity of possible places this conversation can go and I’m super excited to have it with you! Being able to have these conversations with more ease creates more for everyone involved. From building rapport and connection, to shifting perspectives, healing past wounds, and learning new things about yourself.

In this show, Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo, Body Relationship Coach and Family-Child Coach, will help you uncover your internal biases, the lies you’ve been told and the language you can use to talk about any aspect of the birds and the bees that you would like.